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Made specially for W’menswear, the Tropical Jungle Blutcher is made from flesh-out leather tanned in the U.S.A. Yuketen’s 'flesh-out' leather is not suede. They retain the grain side of the leather, providing a thickness, strength, and longevity which is not found with the latter material. The Yuketen signature baseball stitch overcast and elegant silhouette contributes a touch of modernism to this moccasin silhouette.

Each shoe is hand-stitched in Yuketen’s Maine factory using a three-dimensional pattern. To closely mirror the incongruence of the human foot and deliver a molded fit, seven asymmetrical pieces of leather are hand-punched and hand-sewn with awl, needle, and thread on Yuketen’s proprietary last. The result is that the 'blucher' pieces (separate leather pieces sewn to the vamp for lacing) are asymmetrical, and contour more accurately to the wearer's foot during lacing. The base of the vamp has been cinched to further ensure an integumentary fit.

Full-leather insoles, leather tucks, and steel shank reinforcements increase fitting in the arch and heel as well as lessen foot fatigue by forming a stable bridge between the heel and ball of the owner's foot. The Yuketen signature tucks are made from 100% vegetable-tanned leather and will naturally accommodate the distinct shape of the wearer.

The sole is Vibram’s soft composition outsole designed for maximum impact absorption on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Complementary to the sole detail, an exemplary sturdy and comfortable nine layers of highest quality materials: 100% veg-tan leather midsole, composition rubber midsole, and full leather overlay, are sandwiched between the lucky owner’s foot and the ground.

Yuketen moccasin styles are true to US standard size. We recommend checking your shoe size in the New Balance Made in USA models (ex. 993, 996, 998) or on the Brannock Device. (Please note that this is just a sizing reference. Every single person has different shape of foot. If you are unsure about the sizing, please contact us for advice before purchasing.)

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