W'menswear Indigo Pocket Tee

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Made from a superior Japanese knitted cotton by our favourite knitwear mill in Wakayama, of Kansai Provence. What makes our W'mens tees so special is that their knit is produced on “Tsuri” knitting machines which tick over very slowly. This slower production method on old fashioned machines, deliver a stitch with character, particularly soft, supple and comfortable, a weave which could not be produced using the fast, circular knitting machines of today. More than one hundred years of tradition, experience and knowledge have contributed to the exceptional quality of this knit quality.

This garment has been naturally dyed in Thailand's Northern Provence of Chiang Mai by Slowstitch Studio using the best quality natural indigo to give a deep rich colour. Slowstitch Studio pride themselves of their natural process and expect this garment to fade, change, and grow its own unique character over time.

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