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Made exclusively for W'menswear by Yuketen, the Tektite Sandal design is inspired by the pioneering scientists of the Tektite II program seeing the world's first group of all-female scientists live and work under the ocean to do in-depth ecological studies. The shoe form is based on a primitive Mexican huarache style called “El Macizo.”

Upper leathers are completely hand-cut and hand-woven by using Yuketen’s special soft vegetable-tanned leather, which affords a soft touch on the wearer’s foot for endless comfort. The simple knotted side closure make it easy to adjust the fitting.

Unlike the stiff and heavy recycled tire soles on the traditional huaraches, this style features the Vibram’s lightweight oil resisting unite sole, which was designed for maximum grip, durability and traction.
Yuketen’s Cruz is the recommended selection for truly comfortable footwear when trekking in sub-tropical climates.

- Artisan made in the Mexico
- Vegetable tanned leather upper
- Vibram unit Sole


For the right size, we recommend you measure the length of your foot in centimetres while standing up. Next, choose the size best for you based on the recommended foot length as follows:

- US Women's 6: For feet up to 23.5cm in length

- US Women's 7: For feet up to 24cm in length

- US Unisex 8: For feet up to 25.5cm in length

- US Unisex 9: For feet up to 26.5cm in length

- US Unisex 10: For feet up to 27cm in length

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