W'MENSWEAR 'We Come in Peace' Hand Embroidered, Indigo Sweatshirt

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Exclusive to our store, we have made our W'menswear Sweatshirt in garment dyed indigo and mangosteen. This hand embroidered sweatshirt is Ragland sleeved, and made in the highest quality pure cotton, knitted in Japan. The interior is ultra soft on the skin, and the generous thickness of the fabric makes for a high level of warmth without the presence of synthetic fibres.

This garment has been naturally dyed in Thailand's Northern Provence of Chiang Mai by Slowstitch Studio using natural mangosteen and the best quality natural indigo, to give a deep rich grey and indigo colour effect. Slowstitch Studio pride themselves of their natural process and expect this garment to fade, change, and grow its own unique character over time.

The text has been hand embroidered in chain stitch using the best quality embroidery thread. These pieces are truly a work of art.

Size 8 measurements / collar to cuff 74cm / collar to hem 59cm / armpit to armpit 51cm

Size 10 measurements / collar to cuff 76cm / collar to hem 60cm / armpit to armpit 52.5cm

Size 12 measures / collar to cuff 78cm / collar to hem 61cm / armpit to armpit 54cm

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