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Continuing on from the hand-painted seafoam camouflage concept that we explored for our first season with New York based surf brand 'September', SS23 dives a little deeper.

This SS23 capsule is based on a painting called, ʻEvening Stormʼ, by W’menswear designer Lauren Yates. The painting itself was inspired by an unusual camouflage piece that Lauren found, dating back to WWII.

“This ʻEvening Stormʼ painting was inspired by an unusual camouflage piece I found that dates back to WWII. As a designer, I have always been fascinated by the relationship between ʻorder and chaosʼ as inseperable forces of the Universe. To me, surfing is the very act of riding that fine line between the two realms.

The cultural and technological revolutions that came out of war, run parallel to this idea. From the chaos of WWII, women moved into the workforce, found new roles in the family structure, and took adventure sports like surfing to new levels. Marge Calhoun, a self-taught surfer, part-time Hollywood stuntwoman, and mother of two who won the Makaha International in 1958 is an exceptional example of a woman who embraced the social change that WWII brought forth. This painting attempts to honor her legacy.”

The special hand painted camouflage has been printed onto September's signature luxury recycled Italian fabric.

Pictured, Jawa wears the Jane top and Lucky bottoms in a Small. Check the sizing chart image for your size.

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